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14 Sep 2015


The first thing every cyclist should be aware of is that a bicycle is just like any other machine - in order for it to work efficiently it needs to be maintained on a regular basis. At Bike Force we employ qualified mechanics trained to the highest standards for cycle maintenance. You can be assured that your bike will be looked after by well-trained professionals when you have it serviced with us.

The type of bike you ride and the usage will dictate the frequency of servicing. However, the main thing to remember is that regular maintenance is preferable to emergency repairs for you and your bike.

We recommend before every ride you give your bike a visual check-over to make sure that there are no loose parts, frayed cables, splits in tyres or obstructions in the wheels. If you are in any doubt or you feel the bike could do with a more stringent inspection and treatment, make a booking at your local Bike Force store for a guaranteed professional service.

We endeavor to help all cyclists whenever we can, but please book your servicing in advance if you need your bike for a particular event or date. The type of bike you ride and the usage will dictate the frequency of servicing you require. Please contact your local store for further guidance.

Same Day Service

99% of services are completed same day. We will always contact you if the work needs to take any longer. Please be aware that bookings are essential as our workshops get very busy.

Standard Service (Price does not include cost of parts)

  1. Degrease & clean whole bike
  2. Re-lube chain & all working parts
  3. Check brakes
  4. Check gears
  5. Check headset
  6. Check bottom bracket for minor adjustment
  7. Minor True of wheels
  8. Check tyre pressure & condition
  9. Check seat clamp tension
  10. Check head stem tension
  11. Check wheel nuts or quick releases
  12. Check all accessory mounting bolts
  13. Check pedal axles
  14. Check crank bolts

Intermediate Service (Price does not include cost of parts)

Standard Service Plus

  1. Remove bottom bracket,re-grease & replace
  2. Check chain wear
  3. Check cassette & chain ring wear
  4. Check pulley wheels on derailleur
  5. Major True of wheels

Deluxe Service (Includes Cables)

Intermediate Service Plus

  1. Remove wheel axles,re-grease& replace
  2. Remove headset bearings,re-grease& replace
  3. Remove, replace & adjust brake cables
  4. Remove, replace & adjust gear cables
  5. Remove pedal axles & re-lube

General Maintenance

A wide range of maintenance jobs can also be carried out - see the store pages for the price list:

  • Front and rear gear adjustment
  • Brake adjustment (not hydraulic)
  • True wheel
  • Replace broken spoke and true
  • Fit new tube or tyre
  • Fit new rear tube/tyre to hub geared bike
  • Fit new rear tube or tyre (covered in chain guards)
  • Fit new wheel (front)
  • Fit new wheel (rear) incl. realignment of gears
  • Hydraulic brake bleeding (per brake)
  • Hydraulic brake service (per brake)

Replacement of Individual Parts

Labour charges for the replacement of individual parts (parts will be charged for separately):

  • Bottom Bracket fit incl. re-cutting of thread
  • Bottom Bracket fit for Hollowtech II type incl. facing
  • Headset incl. headtube inspection
  • Gear cable
  • Brake block or cable (caliper brake)
  • Brake block or cable (centre pull / V-brake) - Includes re-surfacing of brake blocks. Does not include labour for replacement of brake block and housing
  • Fit new derailleur (front or rear) incl. set up gears
  • Block & chain incl. gear set up, lube mechs & cables